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Mothering moms, you've done it again :) You've listened to, encouraged and empowered this mama. I think any parent reading this would leave the thread with new perspective, if not great links. This forum never ceases to amaze me.   OP-- How you doing girlfriend?? Thank you for sharing your struggles here.
Also do you have any educational background that applies? For example, a bachelor's degree in almost anything can be used to enter an accelerated BSN program. Ideally you've got some sciences with labs under your belt. Those accelerated nursing programs jump right into clinicals, can take under a year and you'd have your RN. Good place to start IMO.
It seems like you have a good idea of what you need to do. I'm in the same boat. I'm undergrad still doing pre-requisites, not yet accepted into my program of choice, and getting work as a doula as well. After you graduate and earn your RN, you will have to secure a job in L&D and work for a year before applying to get into the program to get your MSN to be a certified nurse midwife-- or at least that's what I have to do to get into my school of choice. Even thought the...
Bumping up   I second the lengthy certification process with DONA, but I felt my training was both well rounded and hands on. I think you can't get enough hands on training- so an online based study would not work for me. (especially true with labor/delivery positions, rebozo, birthing ball, breastfeeding/newborn positioning..)
checking them out! thanks
Hi! Looking for pox in CT please. Will also go to mass, NY, RI... Thanks!
Everenchantedcp- I have a lead for you in Branford. PM me PS: I heard good thins about Dr Lopusny, and had a consultation. at the time, she had a 4 month wait to do my son's physical, so he wouldn't have had it done in time for preschool. I went on the waiting list anyway, with no luck. I found my ped in Branford and he's as wonderful as they get, even though he is at a "mainstream" practice.
Good luck! I'm looking in New England too
PMing you Sinthy, From Wallingford
Where are you located? I am in CT ... i have found AP childcare swap on Craigslist and thru meetup playgroups with other moms in similar situations.
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