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Our 1 yo has recently begun eating solids.  I've fed carrots, sweet taters, bananas, rice cereal and baby mum mums.  I'd like to avoid wheat, eggs, and dairy for awhile still.  But. I feel like winter is such a hard time to find good food to feed baby.  (I'd rather not buy premade baby food.)  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I'm in a rut as far as food to feed the whole family - but want to get a good healthy start for baby.  TIA!
I always use whatever milk I happen to have on hand. Whole milk yogurt is yummy - but I've never had a problem using 2% or even 1%. Use what you have. Good luck! Quote: Originally Posted by lrpurro A question for the more "veteran" yogurt makers: Could I use regular 2% milk as the base for a batch of yogurt but add some organic whole fat milk or cream to try and make it more "traditional"? We get WIC, so have an overabundance of low fat...
Our third baby is on the way and I can't remember what children's books we read together to prepare sibling #1 several years ago. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA!!
This is my third pregnancy and the first time baby has been breech this far along. I've been doing the inversions on spinningbabies.com But, at what point should I be worried? (My concerns are that baby's cord is too short/or tangled or that the placenta is attached too high). I've not had an ultrasound - and hope not to have one. CPM will deliver breech if baby doesn't turn. But, perhaps I'm worrying too soon - I'm not sure what the normal timeframe for turning...
I found organic RRL Tea at www.vitacost.com for $9.95/ lb - I was excited to find this as it's a great price and should last awhile. Just wanted to share!
I'm excited to hear these great stories! I took RRL with my second - but not regularly. I intend to drink it again during 2nd trimester - because I've been so ill. But I may try this to help with my hyperemesis. Right now am trying to drink nettle, olive leaf, red clover, and milk thistle on ice. I may just add RRL to this combo. I just need to find a local source to buy in bulk - so that I can start taking it and then chug it at the end!
I have two older children (6 & 3) and am looking for some books to read to them to help prepare them for another baby and also to somewhat teach them what pregnancy and childbirth is like (gently, of course!) As we plan to have a homebirth - I don't want them to be nervous or afraid for me. Thanks for your input!!
Thanks for all of your help! I called Morningstar - which sounds like a great (although much more expensive) option. The midwife who will be working here in the TwinCities will not be Paula, though. Will keep looking and interview a few. Thanks again!
We're just barely pg. What will this birthcenter be like? Is it attached to the hospital in anyway? Sounds exciting if it is freestanding and independent from the hospital. Thanks!
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