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I don't need an exemption but I say "religious reasons." I feel this is something that the USA holds dear and if they strip it away then things are really bad. I live in Ohio with all three.
My sister is "under" insured - an additional problem to uninsured. Because she *has* insurance she isn't eligible for some prescription help programs. She has a debilitating and rare disease called psoriatic arthritis for which only one drug has ever be made: Enbrel. She was on it for 1 month and after 11 years of cripling pain she could walk - even skip! The insurance company then decided she only needed 1/2 the dose her doctor perscribed. For 3 years she's been in...
Quote: Originally Posted by emmalizz I think I'm suffering from a case of information overload! I'm just at a loss as to whether I should get my 3 month old vaccinated or not- my gut is telling me that I don't, my DH is telling me I should. Please, tell me why you made your descsion not to vax. Thanks That mama instinct is real. listen to it.
I'm a librarian so I just can't wear a bun on principal! lol Seriously though, I also have a sort cut because it is just wash and go. My hair is thick so I actually get too much volume if I blow dry. For frizz I use Neutrogena Triple Moisture® Healing Shine Serum I can't vouche for its "naturalness" but it works wonders. Just put it in wet and go. Also I have a 50 minute comute so I have time to get to work without wet hair.
Quote: Originally Posted by nannymom One of the best peices of advice I ever got when dd was a baby was to remember that Peds. aren't nutritonists. I agree with the poster who said just smile and nod and ignore. Honestly MD's get a few hours of nutritional instruction. They are just not equipped to tell you how to feed your baby. They are equipped to tell you he/she is not growing on track (not that this is always correct either). You...
Yes, it is possible. Vaxes with live viruses can "shed" and cause the illness. Search the forums for "shedding" and you'll find tons of stuff. I'd just like to say that I don't think this means you need to avoid vaxed kids unless you have an immunocompromised child or newborn.
It worries me that she's discounting "toxins" because of mercury removal (or semi-removal). What about aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG, and known allergens like yeast, aspartame, and gelatin. I'd have her check out this site: http://www.vaccination.inoz.com/ingredie.html
Quote: Originally Posted by SandraS I'm of a different camp than a lot of people on this board. I don't even require people wash their hands before holding the baby. We love our germs here, gimme gimme gimme! They make us very healthy and none of my babies have gotten sick. I'll let anyone hold my baby, from the minute they're born. I love showing them off, to family and strangers alike. And they can all kiss all over, it's sweet, to us... But...
I never asked my midwife about it but I didn't know what I was looking at down there for the longest time! I didn't think it was ever going to look normal - and then one day it did. Maybe by 12 weeks.
I learned that the horrible pain and years of depression due to infertility were NOT me being a big baby and I DIDN'T need to "just get over it." Having DD is so much better than any dream I could ever imagined. Years of beating myself up because "I should count my blessings" and "some people just aren't meant to have kids" is vindicated! Women suffering through infertility need the same support we give someone with cancer but we often have to hide it and "pull it...
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