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Quote: Originally Posted by starling&diesel nak ok ... let's start chatting! Naps ... tell me about you LO and naps. Do they? Don't they? Where? How? How long? Esmé falls asleep in her carrier on our morning walk ... sleeps about half an hour. Then she falls asleep on our afternoon stroller walk, another half hour, maybe. Then she might doze another 20 minutes around 6pm some days. That's it! Then she falls asleep for the night between 8-9pm...
My dd is just 15 weeks old so I'm fresh off the newborn train. I spent the first 6 weeks waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. I was expecting no sleep, no shower, excruciating (and possibly bleeding) nipples, baby blues, etc. I know these things DO happen but I never knew that sometimes they DON'T! My dd latched perfectly in the hospital, and breastfeeding never hurt for a second. I was worried about pacifiers and introducing a bottle too soon/too late...
Thanks for all the votes and replies! Kind of deadlocked, huh? I guess where I am at is: I won't do FET while nursing because of a)drugs in my bm b)lowered success of FET and c)my RE says no nursing and I'm not willing to lie. I feel compelled to do the FET in the next two years because a)FET success decreases with length of cryopreservation b)if our FET is unsuccessful we want to adopt and c) I'm approaching 35 (which IMO is as bad as 40 for fertility) So I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sileree Sorry, childish moment here. laughup
sniff...see you on FB and LWAB!
Here is a good old story for her: Quote: There's a story of a man who was at his house when heavy rains poured down, the river crested, and the town flooded. As he stood on his front porch, the neighborhood completely under water, two men came by in a rowboat. "Can we take you to safety?" one called out. The man shook his head. "No, thank you. I have faith in the Lord and He will save me." A little later, the waters had risen and the man was on the roof of...
I really enjoy reading the Bible - which is of course a good thing. However, I sometimes worry that I read the Bible to avoid praying because I have trouble praying. I wish I would read less and talk to God more.
I'm using the sign for milk.
I can't claim lots of effort on the alphabetizing! I copy and pasted them into a spreadsheet and sorted! The lazy man's alpha. This is an impressive list.
First, can I just say BUTTERY NIPPLE!!!! mmmmmmm My MIL hasn't met dd yet, she's coming June 4th I'm worried about just this thing! If anything but my boob passes dd's lips I'll freak right out.
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