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Ann! We are so in the same boat! I got pregnant in May 2008 with my first IVF/ICSI and I have 3 snowflakes (embryos) that I want to FET next Spring. Unfortunately trying natural is completely pointless for us (DH had antisperm antibodies that kill his sperm). I was going to start another thread so as not to hijack but my RE says I have to wean before the FET. I'm not sure if this is for the safety of the baby or the success of the transfer. I have to think about if...
Financial strains and how they affect someone is so personal and based on your own upbringing and such but here's my take. It sounds from your explanation that everything is ok right now and you are worrying about "what ifs." Quote: As long as DH can get $2,000 in the door each month AND we have no more major unexpecteds, AND the market doesn't tank again, we have 2.5 years left of investment to live off of. COMPLETELY NORMAL in this economy but...
I think saying something like you aren't an expert about it can work as if even you aren't sure. Like, "oh I read somewhere that cows milk can be bad before 12 months." And, "I know someone who had a vaginal birth with her second after a cesarian." It comes off non-combative and not like you are judging them. It opens the door and if they want to know more then you can get more detailed.
Has anyone taken their lo to kindermusik classes? What did you think?
Sorry to double post but I also try to support companies that cover infertility and adoption for their employees as this is dear to my heart: http://conceiveonline.com/50best/50-...list/?Itemid=0 This is local only, but I also go to the Cleveland Clinic because they have an accountability site where you can look up any doctor and see where they get funding and endorsements - great transparency. Hope I'm not getting too far off track by going with places NOT to boycott!
Quote: Originally Posted by zinemama Chain bookstores (there are great local options) I loved the local book stores but they are all gone now with competing B&N and Borders. I buy most of my books from Amazon.com now. Anything evil there? I buy LOTS of books - I'm a librarian/bibliophile. Also, I shop at Target alot - anything nasty about them? I won't shop anywhere that media is censored. For example, Walmart (if we needed another...
So sorry you are going through this! I agree with pp.
I hear you! I've researched so much and I feel very sure of my choice. That doesn't make it any easier when I look into my daughter's eyes. After she was born I remember lying in bed one night watching her sleep and just going into a panic about not getting vit. K (not a vaccine, of course, but the same concept). What if my kid is that one that hemorrhages? It was rough. I just go back over my research and reasons. I pray. I log on here to hear other like minded moms.
I've been on Lupron for IVF. I don't know what doses they're using but the side effects are awful! Also, since this effects sex hormones how can they safely give this to pre-pubescent kids? crazy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gitti He means: "if I don't sing some vaccine praise, I have a snowball in hell chance of ever getting published again". So true.
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