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Aren't they required by law to record the serial numbers and lot numbers for every shot? I'm glad your lo is doing better.
Quote: Originally Posted by hammieg Sorry for the intrusion to the forum as I do not have a baby myself however one of my ushers does and it is causing some extreme friction! The story is that my future-in-laws have stuck to the rules as were applied to them when they had children and also what frankly my future wife and I have encountered at 90% of the weddings we have attended. I of course would like to be flexible but the inlaws are not bending on...
Where I grew up not touching a baby would be considered rude or standoffish (unless you are coughing and sniffling or something). We have a really huge concept of personal space in the US that doesn't exist in some countries/cultures. Touch in general is different here. I kiss my whole family on the lips, for example, which I've recently realized is "weird" to some. To the OP, I don't know what you should do because I feel your frustration and real need to stop people...
Subbing. I'm very interested in this also. I find it overwhelming to make these decisions. It seems for every thing I boycott I realize I'm supporting something worse. Also, as the economy gets worse I find myself giving up my ideals more and more. We switched from organic milk to a local store brand that doesn't use bovine growth hormones but isn't organic. It is such a catch-22 sometimes.
I think the organization that is doing the petition, SecretKeeperGirl, is also doing something where they pick a retailer with age appropriate clothes and have a nationwide shopping day to thank them for it. I'm doing to keep an eye on the website!
I don't know...8 months is a long time to have no work to worry about. I think the 4 months would be hard but the 8 months would be bliss! And don't forget about the power of a web cam! (Assuming you aren't in the jungle or something). My friend did an 18 month tour in iraq and they webcammed almost daily so the kids didn't really lose touch.
I signed it. I think you might want to post this in the Activism forum. Do we have any WVa mamas out there we can help?
Quote: Originally Posted by emma1325 My choices at the moment are: 1) move to the MS-LA border, send the kids to school in LA, husband drives in an hour to work every day, must buy a new car (we share a car.) 2) stay put and homeschool 3) fight the system We don't "feel" like spending the time, money and energy on #1. I am blessed to be able to afford to homeschool, but that doesn't help all of the other parents in MS who CAN'T afford to...
I summarized some of it on my blog: http://www.babydustdiaries.com/2009/...-gardasil.html The comments and emails I've gotten from vaccine injured families have been overwhelming.
That is just terrible! Why do people think this is better than measles?
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