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Thnx for your reply ruthiegirl! I sm hoping that in the short term she finds the change of pace at grandparents houses to be a retreat ...and hopefully not more stressful since i can't be home yet.
Thnx mamas. Problem is i am hospitslized so the childcare aspect is bc noone csn care for her all day everyday bc they all work. I've tried to prepare her to just do her best and not worry. She will know some kids so that will help. I'm a bit worried she will repeat things she has saif about school like "its boring and doesnt challenge me" or "mama says there is really only about 45 minutes of real instruction in a schoolday"....she's said these to unsupportive family...
Sorry you are having to struggle with this. I wa diet controlled gd w my first but have been on injectsble insulin since about 18wks this time. For me key is eating @ same time each day. This was so hard for me until bedrest unfortunately. I did want to say that positives are long term health of your pancreas and protective factors for baby. And i second you on motivation to be healthier in general....but stressful nonetheless.
Great ideas!! Today we did spa day and she was totslly into it. Have art supplies On the way and i think getting a journal sounds awesome! Maybe we can start a scrapbook too. Something for myself? Funny how that is hard to think of...and weird howw having all this "Time on my hands" still seems hard to "do" anything. Thnx mamas!
You could try etsy alchemy....do they still have that? It is where u post something you want and a price range and people submit ideas. Its no obligation. I did it for ideas for wedding presentts for our fa,ilies and it was cool.
Hi mamas! I am 28 weeks and in my 2nd week of hospital bedrest. (I have preeclampsia but had full blown HELLP w dd). I have to put dd in school to facilitate caregiving and b/ci do the hs'ing. She went to this school for kg so its not entirely new but i am worried. I feel i need to just Let go of my philosophical oppositions to traditional schooling for now We can always go back to hs'ing. I really am thinking of it as daycare (at best). I guess i am looking for ideas...
It is totally possible and depending on what approach you take (unschooling, online, cutriculum) you msy not need grandmas help @ all. I worked and we unschooled and i found i was actually less stressed b/c i had way more control over our schedule. You may slso find your dd's anxiety reduces. Also while this may not seem too responsible to some you can always start her in 1st grade and pull her if it isnt working...orvice versa.. I am about to putmt 2nd grade dd into...
Thnx mama. I have preeclampsia but baby looking good so far. It is very stressful but i keep thinking i'd rather be here w baby inside me than her coming too early and having to leave her here. MDC is such a great source of support and information! Be well mamas.
Hi mamas. I'm 28 weeks today and in 2nd week of hospital bedrest. Doc confirms today that i will be here until baby arrives. I am trying to stay positive but missing my 7yo dd and dh (snoogle is nice but family bed so much better). I am hoping some of you may have creative ideas for ways to care for my daughter from afar...i have been homeschooling and have to enroll her in public school for ease of caretakers so feeling guilty on that level too. What did you do to to...
Dont know if anyone is still shoping around but i have to endorse the snoogle. I onlu bought it bc i couldnt find another pillow and had seen snoogle on here. For me it is a life saver! I have been on bedrest in hospitzl for last week and am only 28 weeks. Snoogle makes it so much mote bearable.
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