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Ive been lurking for awhile now but have some more time on my hands now that i am on bedrest at 28 weeks....but i ireally wanted to say that the snoogle is worth it!!! I first aw it mentioned on here about 3 weeks ago. When i saw the price i thought NO WAY! it turned out i couldnt find a body pillow anuwhere so i got the snogle aand figured i Woild return it if it wasnt AMAZING. It is a dream. We are happily sleeping together so much so that i might have to give him a...
I;d love some night-time suggestions: My 4 year old DD refuses to fall asleep at night. We do co-sleep and I lay down with her each night until she falls asleep. Problem is I NEED to get up and do things after she falls asleep, but she'll wake up and come find me. She doesn't even necessarily cry when she wakes up, she's just UP! I'm concerned she isn't getting enough sleep at night....10pm is about the earliest she EVER falls asleep and we are out the door by...
Hello Mamas...I am a nursing mother of a 22 month old dd...I am also a single mom and a graduate student. I have been trying to find ways to combine my natural mothering goals with my activist goals in pursuing my degree. I am currently writing a paper reviewing the workplace accomadation (or lack thereof) for breastfeeding mothers. One point I am trying to make is that even where employers are accomadating, women are often forced to express milk in the bathroom or...
i just want to offer you hugs and say tht you are GREAT!!! i actually haven't been on mdc in some time and came here tonite looking for advice/support/info b/c my dd nurses CONSTANTLY at night (she is only 16 months)...i send you positive vibes!
so hard to believe that we are mommas of toddlers...ok, not so hard for those of you with more than one child perhaps...in fact, it must be so exhausting...no offense to anyone (happy for all the preggers and TTCer's), but i don't know how you get to the point that you say, thanks, can i have another...mikaia keeps me so busy both with her walking and climbing everywhere and with her interest in everything...it is exhilerating and exhausting at the same time...it always...
i don't know where you are located, but i just got some great wooden toys for my dd's bday at TJ MAXX (a retail discount store)...they were all "melissa and doug" brand and 50% off!!! also, check ebay and the trading post...and magiccabin.com
i'm just catching on to how you all get these outrageous post counts
welcome to an awesome online community
welcome you are likely to find all kinds are great information here to help you in your new journey
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