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you really are getting some love here....happy birthyear
not in my current neighborhood...but i used to love to when i shared some time on a more secluded farm...feels sooooo good...now i totally want to just b/c i'm thinking about it...dare me?
my sex pot is starting to re-emerge (although noone but me to share it with)...i also cosleep and although i used to sleep naked, i usually do a tshirt now...and i just stopped having to wear my nursing bra to bed
wow it is hard to believe that our babies are turning one...mikaia actually seems quite like a toddler to me in the last month though...i can't manage the smilies narrative of our year in my short window of mdc break from schoolwork, but i enjoyed seeing you alls! i totally agree with whoever said it used to seem like 40 hour days...i remember thinking people who told me "it will go so fast" must be so out of touch b/c although i was/did enjoy every minute, every...
helloooo and welcome fellow ohoian...i'm down in akron...there is a yahoo group something like "crunchyneohioapmoms"? search yahoo groups if interested...welcome!! and congrats on upcoming baby...it's sooo great
all my childless friends who were harmed by their cio-parents...many don't want to have kids b/c their own childhoods were problematic (by more than cio of course), but they love seeing another way to parent and love being a part of my dd's life my #1 inspiration was my best friend kristen and her partner, seven, b/c she gave me my subscription to mothering while i was preggo!!
yeah...just start saving now for therapy :-)
I have an Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper which I got at Target. I think the availability of it at a "mainstream" store helped me to encourage family to buy it for me...so maybe it will "legitimize" it for your friend...truth be told I never really used mine as my dd has always been in bed with me...but it helped ease my family's concerns that I would roll over on her
thanks...i'll be looking for it
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