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did you find it? is it just me??
you now, i LOVE this place...on some days it's my only source of "real" ( as in satisfying, intelligent) conversation...BUT i feel you on this one...i did have to walk away especially from a beloved thread i participated in quite regularly ...well, ok i lurked instead of participating...i encourage you to take the breather or whatever you need to do b/c absence does make the heart grow fonder
i'm so sick of managing facial hair! it's such a paradox that i don't shave my legs, pits, pubes, boobs (my dd doesn't seem to mind them!)...but i HAVE to shave or cream (YUK!) my face or i'm the bearded lady!.... who has a tried and true method/product of facial hair removal???
welcome!...come here for all the positive baby vibes!
it's always easier to catch up with you all at the beginning of the month...razorblades! eek!!! i thought mikaia was getting into things!!! and i'm getting ready to move...so i'll be checking random spots!!! ...and i just can't relate to being excited about AF...i mean i love being a woman and all..but some things i can do without....i'm on my second cycle and back to all the related miserable PCOSness of it all! ....hey mummoth...you ordered a diva cup right? where...
i'm just chiming in with the encouragement to do the class...i'm looking in this forum b/c i've gotta get moving myself...i'm 50 pound overweight myself right now...and similarly to other periods in my life, i get to feeling to depressed to do anything about it...generally something clicks and i get started...hopefully it is happening for me...but i remember the last time i lost this weight...about 5years ago...i remember the humiliation of even going out for walks in my...
i thought i remembered a "welcome page" of various ads upon entering the babywearing forum in the past? you know like the one you come upon when entering the diapering forum before you get to the threads proper? ...am i hallucinating? i always liked to check out places that sold the carriers via these links..especially when the mommas offered discounts to mdc'ers...
i plan to take dd camping in the next month...but i'm not ambitious enough (or in shape enough : ) to wilderness camp yet...please do post with your experience after you return!
i've yet to find any socks that stay on dd EXCEPT this random pair i found at the thrift once...they were blue with rainbow stripes so i couldn't resist, i never thought they'd be the only ones i'd ever love...and of course, i can't just go back and get more...the one thing is that it doesn't seem to matter what socks she wears when i put her robeez on
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