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Product name: Ellaroo wrap Brief description of product: brightly colored woven baby wrap Store/Site of purchase: cotton cradles Price:?? How long have you used this product? 3 months Fit/Sizing: I'm a plus size momma and i got a large and it's plenty big...and beautiful (like me ) Performance: LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! my maya wrap was starting to give me back aches and the ellaroo is heavenly...i LOVE it (did i mention that?) and dd loves it too...we've got...
what, you all don't like that tingle of peppermint soap in your privates?? it's one of the small pleasures in my life ...diluted of course...but usually i feel like i'm in a peppermint patty commercial!
my dd also love the outdoors...i wish it meant she took two hour naps though! yay for spring!!
welcome ...I lurked for quite a while myself before i started posted...and it's so much fun to get to know everyone! welcome
i'm so relieved to hear that some mommas have positive experiences with WIC and bfing b/c mine have been more along the lines of the OP...i WISH my office would give us toddler checks b/c we STILL don't do the cereal or the juice for dd (10 mos)...i do have to question the value of this "nutrition" program with sugary cereals, juice, cow's milk, etc
tampons! :LOL i'm cracking up b/c i posted on another threat that asked about favorite toys or something like that that my dd's favorites were: spoons (wooden, metal, plastic, big and little) remote control telephone her hilands teething tablets (as a shaker) ...we might have to try the tampons!!
welcome I think you'll find real community here!
that is soooo sweet...i too would fall over on my babe....
with my nephew i'd always run through all the animals...the doggie on the bus goes ruff, ruff, ruff (or bark bark bark or bow wow wow..depending on what kind a doggie you do )...the kitties on the bus go meow meow meow...it's really fun to extend it to family members and things they've just said too...like the uncle's on the bus say what's up little dude? what's up little dude? what's up little dude?...i'm singing it now
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