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me neither.....another shameless one here
Oh, it feels good to come out from behind the screenname....Jodi
ewwww that's gross...but kinda interesting all at the same time...i would have like pics!
How come my trader rating doesn't show up under my name? I'm so proud of my newly acquired ratings that i want to show them off and look as 'experienced' as these other mdc mommas! Thanks!
ummmmm. ...a squirt?...maybe a tablespoon? geez, i'll have to pay attention...but i don't do my dipes with dr. bronners b/c i read somewhere (here on mdc of course) that it can leave residue...and you know those diapering mommas...they know what they are talking about!!!
:LOL ditto
i don't know that there is any "measurements", but here are some ways i use it: 1) first i separate it into at least two different bottles b/c the one i keep in the shower i dillute by at least half. i find it to be a bit drying on the skin, so diluting it helps and makes it last longer 2) i use it full strength in the sink for dishes, but i only put in maybe a TBSP?, don't know really, i just squirt some in and go about washing...no suds 3) i don't use it for laundry...
OOOOO...i can't wait to read this whole thread!...just stumbled on it as it was 'highlighted' on the face page...but quickly in response to feminism and mothering...there are feminists who do study mothering exclusively (e.g., Barbara Katz Rothman) and there is an (international i think) society along the lines of Association for Research on Mothering...i can post specific info when i get back to read this thread...i was just jumping on mdc for some relief from a paper i'm...
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