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when i told her we werent vaxing she was so shocked she though we were being irresponsible and even put up a big poster in her house saying "meningitis kills babies"! that takes the cake to anything my dd's grans have ever done!
welcome! you will certainly find some other diaper addicts around here
welcome momma!
I came to read this thread b/c I almost the exact same issues with both of my dd's grandparents...you have elicted some great suggestions here! A couple of thinks that weren't mentioned that I've tried (note: TRIED, b/c it is still happening)...1) I've talked with my mom about her delivery of 'advice' b/c this seems to make her more conscious of just how innappropriate and boundary crossing she is being...I said, "mom, if you can't stop giving advice then could you make...
the very much less enticing drool thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=277396 But really, there are much better pics here!
welcome!! i think you will really enjoy the discussions here...i'm a single student momma as well and i can say that these boards are a real sanity saver especially during late night/early morning study sessions when the babe is sleeping and i'm entrenched in school work, but need to take a break and "talk"...enjoy!
i filed the paper for cs one of the first things after recovering from birth...ds is officially 8 months behind now..hasn't paid even once...he even went with me to the appointment and the hearing official told him she 'felt sorry' for him b/c i was pushing the issue when he was unemployed and that i didn't have to file for an order b/c i wasn't receiving cash assistance...the NERVE!...and i was like "oh, and you don't 'feel sorry' for single mothers when their dc's...
oh...and why so silent on the single brother...are there brotherS...b/c i'm in line behind myboysmom
you need to post a pic of your dh on the "drool" thread running right now...those pics have nothing on your dh...i clicked on it thinking i would see cute babes teething, but they've got all the movie stars...who don't hold a candle to your dh...and your garden ROCKS!!!
i don't let me cats outside b/c it's not safe where i live b/c 1) lots of traffic on one street, 2) the unpredictable predators (other animals and/or people) and 3) my city uses baited traps to catch "feral" cats and then kills them...so how does a trap know to attract just the feral cats??? INHUMANE!!!
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