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i'd love a professional massage...but frankly, i'll be touched if i get anything from anyone...but i will remember (yes, i'll search this thread if not), that it doesn't matter b/c i have my dd and that is mother's day every day!
im in NEohio and we are supposed to get 4 inches over night...my feet are freezing right now...but i don't want to have to turn the heat back on...going to snuggle with my dd! she's all cozy in her footed pj's (good thing i didn't pass them along yet!) and the cats will totally bunk down with us tonite
warm bread with real butter real mashed potatoes fudge pie too much dressing on my salad cold day after pizza ...ok i'm hungry! i also love reading nursing walking swimming massages
oh and cutiepatatootie...i have red hair too..so we are lucky there
yeah full fledged all of it here too! i often wonder how i'll explain to my dd that i shave my face, but not my legs or armpits...i just can't get into myself with a beard and mustache!..mine started before pregnancy, but is worse and i just can't tolerate waxing myself and can't afford the salon, so little shaver for me! or nair..gross
my dd is 10 mo and she babbles constantly...since about 4.5 mos...she talks non-stop all her waking hours (but so do i some days!); she says some words at appropriate junctures now like mama, maamaa (nurse), ball, gato (cat), bye-bye and hi.... ...but i'll tell you my nephew NEVER babbled...i mean he was the SILENT monkey...not a screech, groan, moan, or grunt...but at right around 20 months he started talking in complete sentences!!! and he's now 7 and super bright and...
setting special time aside for your dc is essential...again to echo earlier poster, not that you'd neglect your dc, but it helps you and them to know what your prioirities are...and becoming a night owl good luck!
yeah, what is it?? my breasts are DDD??? my dog did doo-doo carefully? my dd doo-dooed conscientiously? dirty dozen donuts don't count? WHAT???
personally i wouldn't worry about the 'effects' of giving homeopathy...others could give you the science, but it won't "tranquilize" him...but i'm just wondering if you have to spend the night at PIL's? Can they come visit you? your babe is young and won't be in this stage for his whole life (presumably!) and perhaps now isn't the time to 'force' him into situations which are upsetting...maybe give up on these visits for a few more months is possible...just my...
hylands teething tabs for us~and we also use an ice cube put into the mesh feeder...dd loves that! it gets her all wet, but she enjoys it and usually 'asks' for another!...but off to fold a washcloth and put it in the freezer now! great idea
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