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Quote: Originally Posted by triana1326 I've always told DH that if the house doesn't look any worse when he gets home, that means that I've been picking up messes all day. What a great way to look at housework! Sometimes I feel like I got nothing accomplished but I actually did a lot if you look at it that way!
Quote: Originally Posted by texaspeach I wash them with my kitchen towels - I don't care if they get snagged. Why in the world did I never think of this? LOL Once DS2 starts solids thats exactly what I'm going to do!
Seeing clutter actually makes me itchy. I feel like getting a huge bin and just tossing everything but i never do. Yes, my son has *way* too many toys. I used to cull without his input but have since decided to include him. My thinking is how will he learn to manage his things when he is older if things disappear magically to make more room. So what we've decided is that before his birthday and Christmas he needs to get rid of a set number of things. Before his...
For DS' 3rd and 4th birthdays we just set up stations in our backyard and let the kids go at them. We had a little splash pool, sports equipment (soccer ball, Tball), bubble area, craft area and snack area. Both years the party was 2 hours and nobody seemed bored. Oh, and we had a pinata right at the end. The only thing I would advise would be a back up plan in case it rains. Good luck!
My DS (5 yo) wants to be an animal rescuer but has since qualified his statement. He'll only rescue herbivores because carnivores are too dangerous.
Quote: Originally Posted by scottishmommy "Dude, the liquids are in my boobs ok?" That just made my day!
OP here. I guess I'm not the only one! LOL Usially those comments just roll off my back but yesterday really bugged me. Its really too bad that there are so many similar stories but at least I'm not the only "unfit mom" out there!
Maybe its the heat or lack of sleep but one stranger's comment today really bugged me. I had to see my ob for my 6 week pp check up. I buckle DS2 in the car seat and debate about putting on a hat but decide that the visor on the stroller will do the trick just fine. On the car ride there DS2 decides he is hungry again for the millionth time today (I swear he eats every hour still!) and starts to cry. I debate about stopping but its such a short ride that I decide to...
This senario happened to me a few years ago. I was at the park with my DS and his play group along with other park goers I didn't know. An older boy (maybe 5?) tripped and fell in the sand face first and didn't get up. Just lay there crying with his face in the sand. I just rushed over and picked him up, not really thinking. The mom came over after I had picked him up and brushed off his face. We had a quick conversation and she shared with me that he had some issues...
My problem is that DS (5yo) remembers everything! After I've thrown away what I think is a piece of cr@p that he has never played with, months later he'll say "mommy where is the XXX I got at so and so's b-day party". agggghhhh. He used to be great at giving away stuff but now his new line is "but mommy, I LOVE all my toys!" sigh I've told him for his upcoming 5th b-day that he will need to give away 5 things to make room for his new toys. So far he doesn't mind the...
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