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Aww   I love those smiles too. Congratulations!
Thank you so much mamas. He hasn't shown any issues. When I first saw him, he wasn't really drinking my milk. After awhile he is back to his little piggy self. I still watched him breath/sleep until 7am.   I forgot to mention that I was only gone for 1.5 hours. He was fed and asleep when I left. Dad said as soon as I left he started boiling the milk. :( Kinda silly because I know I told him about EBF and virgin gut, blah blah with my last LO. He was EBF for 9mos and...
I am worried. I took a trip to the ER and had to leave my EBF 3wo with his father. They would not allow him in the ambulance ride with me. I tried to call his father immediately when I got there, but he kind of panicked since he was at home with 3 kids and buried his cellphone in the car (we have no land line). He fed my baby "boiled cows milk in a sippy cup." I am trying to google any potential problems about this, but I thought i'd ask here at the same time. I keep...
Hahaha. This has to be the best birth story I have read in 3 years on MDC. Congratulations on your baby girl. Very happy that you had a healthy birth and baby.
Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful birth and she is just darling and beautiful.   We're all getting closer mamas!
LADIES!!!!!! I have had severe issues with SPD my last pregnancy and this one. I saw a chiro weekly my last pregnancy. Recently my midwife read an article which suggests taking lecithin supplements or eating more eggs to help with SPD. I did start to notice on the days that I ate eggs I was a lot more comfortable, but cannot eat that much eggs all the time.   I bought Sunflower Lecithin supplements (they also have egg derived and soy derived versions) and let me tell...
How do the riders not go deaf? It is way too loud for me.
My favorite ever!! My mouth is watering. Wish I had some. :(
No, but, I did notice that honestly my bump is half the size depending upon the food contents in my gastrointestinal tract. I can go from barely showing to about 5-6 months size. It's strange. Perhaps you're not eating as much when you are stressed? 
This is really cute. 
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