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Hugs, kewpie! Sending your two little ones stickie snugly vibes - they're in a great environment to set up camp and grow!
WOOT! Happily lurking to support y'all's!
Autumnlaughing, I am so excited for you!!! I remember you from the infertility one thread in 2010. I'm hoping this little one is a sticky. That's a great beta! Milk8, I don't know much about lupus, but if that's what it is I'm glad they're catching it finally. Can they help your fatigue? Is there something they can do to treat it that would help with fertility? I have everything crossed for you, my dear! Hi, boots! I can totally relate to how you're feeling,...
Ilovemykiddos, I am so so sorry. it's just not right. Sending you hugs! My early first trimester loss was very much like a regular AF, but it was a bit earlier than yours. I'm thinking of you!
Coming out of lurking to give adie a huge hug and all you ladies a big group hug. Thinking of you!,
Congrats, lilac! I'm so glad everybody is healthy and snuggling at home!
Subbing so I can keep rooting for you all! Monkey, I hope you're able to get pregnant again easily! Pregnancy after a loss is definitely nerve-wracking, and I'll be thinking of you!
Yay, happy! Congrats,!! That sounds scary, and I'm glad all is well! She is just 6 oz less than dd was when she was born. Enjoy your baby moon!!!
Soooooooooo beautiful, RCR! I'm so happy for you! Thank you for sharing the picture! I second the call for a LC evaluation. Nobody saw Freddy's posterior tie either.
Yayyyyy, congrats RCR!!! Enjoy your baby moon!
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