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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to the world baby Evan (and congrats on your VBAc too-it is a powerful feeling!)
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to the world baby boy!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a pretty name!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a lovely bundle of chub!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome to the world Kacie I hope your transition gets a bit easier over time.
CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have a lovely family!
Not so patiently waiting-due 12/23
My MW gave me some capsules with Boric Acid in them. I inserted on (Vaginally) every night for 7 nights. Worked like a charm! I have had BV with each pregnancy, and this was by far the quickest and most pleasant cure. You could very easily make them yourself, all you would need was the empty capsules and fill them yourself with the BA. Good luck to you!
I haven't checked in here in a while...still around, just have horrid Carpal tunnel that isn't helped by typing! I'm doing well, 37 wks here, had MW appt on Tuesday and I'm measuring 42 wks and feel about 45 wks :LOL Baby is in a good postion and seems to bounce around a lot in there, sometimes she is sitting so low and then other times she is up very high. I am only 5ft, so there isn't much room there anyway. I *think* I'm starting to nest feeling the sudden urge...
CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is precious!
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