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Here I am, 36 wks 1 day. I am going to POP I just know it! Mah Bellay!
I have a few of the Bercot sets, and just wanted to add that they run HUGE IMO. Not just in the butt, but all over. I do love them though...
Next time somebody comments ignorantly reply with a big smile and ask- "When are you due? (of course this works best on people that are not pregnant)
This is our first Homebirth. My first born was an emergency C-section My Eldest daughter was a poorly attempted VBAC with an unsupportive OB-ended up being a repeat C-section. My younger daughter was a VBA2C with a super supportive Midwifery practice in PA. I did everything I possible could to better my odds and chances of a VBAC. We chose a HB for this baby as we had moved to a very conservative area, and there was pretty much no such thing as an independent...
Could someone be so kind as to help me figure out how many I need to become "legal" again. I tried the above way, but I'm just not getting it. Thanks!
LOL I hit submit before typing
I have about a dozen diapers that could use some repairs, Cuddlebuns, SOS, FMBG, etc... Most of them need some repair on the leg elastic, none of them have holes and other than slack elastic, have tons of life left. I hate to trash them-(actually it would be physically unable for me to) So I was wondering if anyone specifically did diaper repairs. I wouldn't want to contact the WAHM's in this case as some of them were bought previously loved.
Grace, you keep saying "He" I too just started having really consistent movements every day (I am 19ish wks). I had been feeling a few intermitent movements over the last month but now there is no mistakening it!
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