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I would love to participate!
Sandi, I missed this earlier, but just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! : She is just perfect and precious!
Darla Auction I'm hoping I love these as much as I remember, the ones I had were a terry outer I think...
I just won an auction for 5 Darla Peek a bears These were the first diaper that I ever put on my eldest daughters bum, and I was so sad when it came time to CD my second and they were impossible to get... Anyway, I hope they are as nice as they look in the auction, and I hope I didn't snipe a Mama from here
I started to really get into WAHM diapers in the middle of the HoneyBoy excitement, so that pretty much numbed me from any sticker shock :LOL I also was really into Cuddlebuns when they were hot on Ebay and got used to paying in the upper teens for a pretty dipe.
It made my day reading this. I'm happy to be your first PS LMAO at the "Well taped" comment:LOL I do tend to get a bit tape happy!
{{{Gentle hugs}}}
Quote: Originally Posted by SEEPAE ohh gosh look at this set she had up earlier http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=4309958988 That one is mine, mine, mine!!! It is being shipped from FL. I will report in when I get i!
I won one today!!! For cheap! (and then almost cried about the $6.50 for shipping,: but it still was cheaper than a Crat new.
I'd rather dunk than have chunks of poo in my diaper pail and in my washer :Puke
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