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I love bags of frozen baby peas, they are my friends I never felt that during pregnancy, but definately know the feeling Post Partum.
I guess I should say that I am sad, and Mad. I agree. The more that it sunk in, the more PO'd I was getting. But...I honestly don't know her circumstances, and knowing what I know about her, and her reputation, it would have to be pretty serious for her to have done this.
I have been trying to get in touch with our (homebirth) Midwife for a few weeks now. I was starting to get concerned, and I really needed to set up my appointments with her. Well I found out today via somebody else, that she is taking some personal time off for family reasons. As sad as I am that such a sweet person is having troubles, I also need to find another MW. In searching out a MW in this very conservative city, I had come to find out that she is pretty...
Lauira, If you did...I would love to snag one from you (me and about 500 others)
Here is cool chart on Fundal Height
I can't check out
I won the crocheted baby sweater, which I wanted more than anything. I can't even express how happy I am to win this... My Grandmother, who is 94 years old, had a heart attack earlier this year and is still very frail and recovering. She has knitted/crocheted sweaters (booties, blankets) for each of her grand children and great grandchildren. She hasn't been able to knit or crochet since becomming ill and was so apologetic that she wasn't able to make something for...
Hi I have also had a VBA2C's. It definately can be done! My first C-section was in 1985-he was 35 weeks and a footling breech, my waters had ruptured and it was an emergency. My second was a poorly attempted VBAC in 2000 My youngest was born vaginally in 2002 (27 months after the last C-section) For me, it was so much a mental thing-Overcoming all the negativity and finding the best HCP that would support us. I ended up going with a Midwifery practice, who was...
Quote: Originally Posted by Izzybee I almost forgot! Kushies are manufactured in Stoney Creek, ON. And Indisposables I know are Canadian too. It doesn't get any better than that You're supporting your own. Go team Canada!! (I am so homesick) Stoney Creek I spent part of every childhood summer there, I am homesick too. LB, I know what you mean, I felt somewhat embarrassed of my "junk" stash when I first started CDing my big...
Words (and emoticons) can't express how happy I am for you! WELCOME TO THE WORLD SETH!!! Your story gave me so much inspiration towards our HBAC in December
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