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I posted on this a while back, but have an update! We are having a Homebirth!!! I had said previously in this thread that Mike wouldn't be open to the idea...Well, he was actually the one who brought it up! I had been telling him how angst ridden I was after having spoken with several practices in the area, and how the thought of another hospital birth terrified me. Out of the blue he says, "Why don't we just have the baby at home!?!" After I regained...
{{{Gentle Hugs}}} I am so sorry.
I got lucky and scored some Darla Peekabears and some BoDinks off of Ebay. I still wish I had them... Funny how the Bodinks are probably my favorite fitted to this day-I really wish they were still being made.
The same person also asks to see pictures of the pants stretched out, showing your hands. :
Great article!, Thanks for posting this! (Btw...I had a VBA2C in November of last year!)
Quote: Originally Posted by kimberlylibby Maybe that Eucalan is heavy? True, I did forget about that!
Quote: Originally Posted by natashaccat Exact shipping for three soakers should be about $4.50, I dunno, but I'm kinda concerned that this deal is too good to be true. It sounds like she's been burned bad from a paying bidder but do ya really feel safe buying with an undisclosed shipping cost? Nope
Wugh, I just Emailed her about the shipping, and she said it would "$7.50 or so" to ship to me (2 small states away)...
Oh me, Oh My!
I use a wet pail for poo diapers. The only thing I add is water. I don't have any odor issues as long as it is closed.:LOL
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