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I'm sure there are many other things, but the only thing that comes to mind at the moment is that I'd never even seen a bagel until I was 18 and visiting a friend in NYC.
Agreed. Contrary to widespread belief, unschooling, like feminism, is not about dogma. It's simply about choices and freedoms. If my 16yo chooses to attend community college and immerse himself in textbooks and lectures, he's still an unschooler.  
My sons attended both the New England Unschooling Conference and Not Back To School Camp this year. I asked my 16yo if he met any kids at either event who appeared to be unable to read.   He thought for a moment and said, "Well...there was this one girl....but she was like, four."  
Well then....that doesn't really have any bearing on whether they LOOK better, does it?  
So you're saying you can tell by someone's appearance whether or not they are a meat-eater, before ever speaking to them?
I agree with your line of thinking......I'm just curious as to what sorts of "red flags" lead someone to seek speech therapy for a 12-month old...? My DS1 wasn't speaking at 12 months and nobody seemed to think anything of it. At age two, when he only said about 5 words, they sent him for a hearing test, which was normal. At 2.5 he started speaking in paragraphs.   I don't know any unschooled teens who can't read, but I personally know few unschooled teens.
I use coconut oil for lots of things, too....I just don't think it would be good inside the nose. I imagine it would get runny and drip out. Of course, castor oil might be similar, but I haven't ever used castor oil for anything so I'm not sure of it's consistency.
Thanks for the link! I never gave arnica a thought, either. I'll be shopping tomorrow, I guess....I don't have either of those things in the house.
Here's my deal....about two months ago my nose started spontaneously bleeding on the left side. I've never suffered from nosebleeds (I'm 40yo). It's been happening about twice a week, and a few times it's taken over 30 minutes to stop.   This began in August when it's humid out, so I didn't think nasal dryness was a factor, but I bought some saline spray and tried to be better about taking my multi-vitamins every day. It hasn't helped. This morning I had a 45 minute...
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