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I would be a bit careful looking at the studies which say that NFP is as reliable as the other, most effective forms of birth control.  That is a bit misleading when you realize that people with irregular cycles and other issues are excluded from participating in many studies of NFP - the people who are most likely to have a lot of trouble charting.  NFP has many good points, but it isn't always easy for many people to interpret the signs, and that can be stressful if...
My daughters almost seven and we are doing grade one.  We are using mostly AO.   We usually start with piano practice/music for 10 min or so, and then math for 15 to 30, but usually the shorter number.  tHe longer time is if we are doing fun things like code stuff.   We spend five min on poetry, and up to 10 on copywork.  Then up to 10 min on one of our readins, and up to 10 on French.  Some days we spend five min or so on spelling, and then do another AO reading...
Yes.  I think that in early years it is often a good idea to separate writing and composition.  Composition is oral and writing is essentially copying an example, be it single letters of phrases.  
I homes-chool classically, and in a general way I agree with her on this.  But I don't agree with her perspective on beginging academics with young kids - I thought the fact that she was determined that her kids should be reading before they started k was really kind of awful.   In many places children are just entering school at six,and just learning how to read.  They don't need to master sentance fragments that year.  I wouldn't worry that your child...
Thanks for the replies.  I'm going to have a look t some of those resources.  Someone else suggested to me looking at a program that teaches to mastery rather than in a spiral.    I may also have a look at just skipping ahead a bit in MEP and see if that solves some issues.
I've never been in a change room that had stalls, so I don't see that lack of stalls in the washroom as really an issue (though I wouldn't like it for actually using the toilet.)
So what does the actual program look like? 
Yes, this.  It's totally normal to have a lot of variation in this.  Kids in the preschool-kindi age range have huge variation in their development., which IMO is why in a lot of places real school doesn't start until age 6 or 7.  
To me, the issue is more about whether doing what sounds like it may be grade one work with five year olds is really appropriate as a general practice.  I'd look more closely at what the program really involves.
Dang, I ordered it from Amazon.  Oh well.  I am really enjoying it, I think it's a great looking program.
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