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So I started year 1 of MEP with my daughter, 6, in September.  She is bored to tears with it.  For her age she's much more of an abstract then a concrete thinker, and all the repetition trying to help her make the concrete things abstract is driving her nuts.   OTOH, they do introduce new symbols and ideas here and there, so I don't know if I can just jump her ahead a year, and I'm not that confident about knowing how much to cut out.   Has anyone used MEP and...
YES!  This is it!  Thanks!
A while ago someone posted a link here to a great looking science curriculum for elementary school.  It really seemed to emphasize the method and thinking of science, and it wasn't one of the big, well known ones.  It was a secular curriculum.   Does anyone know or remember what it might be?
Wow though, the unschoolers didn't fare very well!
I get them at the Superstore, don't know if they have them at all Loblaws stores though.
Latin is a pretty good choice for learning language structure and grammer.  It's quite regular, and it's highly inflected, which has advantages for thinking about language and experiencing language if one gets far enough along.  And there is a lot of good material for reading readily available for translating, often for very cheap.    It isn't the only possibility, but it has a number of good points.  And in the West a lot of historical documents were written in...
I don't know - I'd take "Come Down O Love Divine" or Jerusalem" or "O God our Help in Ages Past" before "Gather Us In" any day.
What is it that is wrong with the result you are getting?  I've accidentally boiled the milk and still had no trouble, so I doubt that is your issue.   I'd try a different starter.  I just use some yogurt from the store.
Thanks for the thoughts everyone!  The way it is set up the meeting, once a month, is at the same time as the ballet class.  The field trip is at a different time and there is no conflict.  So it would be one day a month we would miss ballet, and three when we would be there.  My daughter seems to just say she wants to do both.   I like the ballet for a lot of the reasons mentioned.  I don't worry about the weight thing - they do not encourage girls who are built...
I'm trying to make a decision and keep flip-flopping - I'm hoping someone can give me some input. I'm trying to decide between Science club and ballet for my daughter, who is 6.  We'll be starting year one of the Charlotte Mason style program Ambleside Online.. She did ballet last year and really enjoyed it, and I think ballet has a lot going for it as far as body awareness, movement, and so on.  Also, her sister who is three could attend another class at the same...
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