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Ah - I have been wanting to watch this show, but the sound on my computer is not working.  As soon as it is fixed I will be looking at it though.   My priest, who's Anglican, came to Christianity after a visit to Mt Athos.  He was there a week as a young man and said he went an atheist and left a confused agnostic.
I think P&L understands theological reflection, I think she just misunderstood the context of the comment.  It's not hard with just a tiny bit that's being repeated somewhere else.    
You sound angry whenever you post - I didn't think it was at me.   I do enjoy my life most of the time - partly because I am not angry at people that I can't affect.  God is good.  
I think that was a personal comment on what the individual means when he or she says Amen in that context.  
    You seem to get very angry that some people don't agree with your "facts"23, here and in other posts.  I don't know why it bothers you so much, and I'm sorry that is the case.  It does make me wonder think that you do not really think or feel that Judaism is only true for Jews or that other views are irrelevant..  If that were so why would it bother you what others believe - even if they believe you are wrong?    It may be I seem more strident here than in real life...
I don't personally see any good reason not to communicate everyone in both species.  As I understand it, not doing so was originally a practical solution in areas where it was very difficult and expensive to obtain wine.
This is what it's like where I live too.  The non-religious are the largest group, then Christians, most of whom are pretty liberal religiously, then Buddhists who are also liberal in their belief/practice.  
This came up for me the other day.  My daughter, who is 6, realized a while ago that some people don't go to church and asked why not, and I said that they weren't Christians.  But anyway a few days ago we were reading a book about a Jewish family and she wanted to know about that, so I explained about what Judaism was.  Anyway, she asked me outright if they were right that Jesus wasn't God, so I couldn't really avoid that.  I just said that I thought they were wrong,...
Well, I don't really think four year olds need "school" anyway, at home or elsewhere.  And that includes kids who are going to go to public school.  But it is not a lot of hours, which can be fun and a nie break for you, and for a four year old, if I had to do it, Montessori is a good choice I think.   But it seems like it would be a lot of hassle, and also possibly a lot of changes in his future which could stress him.  I wouldn't be suprised if you'd end up end up...
  Yes, Christians understand Christ as the bringer of peace.  This touches on eschatology - how Christians understand the end times.  There can be some pretty wide divergences among Christian groups on this question.  There are a few ways you could look at the traditional view.  To a child the you'd just say that Christ will come again (the second coming) and there will be the end of the world as we know it, but we will all be judged in some way, and then the world will...
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