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Yes it seems young to me as well.  And kids vary so much at that age in their language skills, and many two year olds are still very hesitant about speaking in front of stangers as the centre of attention.  I wouldn't expect a child that age to lead,  My three year old knows the prayers we use, but I would not expect her to lead, and she tends to have good language skills for her age.
I started off saying the blessing, and then my older daughter just started saying them along with me as she learned them.  My second daughter did the same, so now they know all the ones we use.  I taught my older daughter how to say the responsive blessing we use responsively, but her sister doesn't get it yet - she says the whole thing.   I have no problem with them leading.  For Christmas dinner we were at my MILs, and they don't usually say a blessing, but she...
  So, do you guys typically give the whole chalice for the person to hold?  We have the Blood distributed by the priest or lay-reader or deacon, and he actually holds the chalice and tips it up.  The person receiving often pinches the base and kind of pushes lightly until they get a small sip.  But we kneel, I suppose if you stand it would be more difficult to do that.   My kids haven't been confirmed yet which is when they typically start receiving in my Anglican...
  Apparently there is a big upswing in Calvinism in the US right now.
It is common to use the terms interchangably, but it isn't correct.   You guys need a Manual of Catholic Abbreviations to keep you all in line.
  Yes, that makes sense.  It would relate to the differences in the understanding of original sin and our nature as being actually changed I expect.  
Yes, I think that is usual.
That's interesting, I'm not sure I would have expected that.  As far as I know the Orthodox generally reject total depravity.  
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