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Here you go! This was among the info lost when the Mods needed to remove the extra posts from our thread at The Daily Diaper. I'll add it there again as well as soon as the Mods make our post editable once more. Extra Small (Newborn) = fits 8 to 13 lb Small = fits 12 to 21 lb Med = fits 18 – 28 lb LG = 25 – 34 lb Extra Large (Preschooler/Child) = 30+ lb I'm sorry for the limited content at the JANGO website right now! Hope you'll all bear with us. The full website we're...
Quote: Originally Posted by lactationmom Do they do co-ops? Quote: Originally Posted by strathconamama : Hi Mamas, Thank you for asking! We've had a host of e-mails about it now. I posted a reply on our thread at the Daily Diaper.
Quote: Originally Posted by Isaacs_mom Not to hijack from heather ..but how do you order jangos ..i looked at that link and it is just info ... http://www.mothering.com/discussions...86#post7390086
Yikes---just realized my previous post could constitute advertising (sorry Mods!) so I've deleted it, and created a post on the brand in question in the proper place: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...86#post7390086
JANGO ANNOUNCEMENTS: March 23, 2007 Temporarily Closing to General Orders Beginning Next Week Please note that Jango will shortly be closed to general orders (except current/pending ones and the two co-ops) until next season, or in two to three months' time. Due to increased demand for Jangos and low inventory, we'll be taking this time out to source more fabric and to restock diapers, to fill co-op orders, to train a couple of new mamas to help us with sewing and...
Please see my next post!
HUGE (((((hugs)))) to you! I too had a laporoscopy for suspected endometriosis as the cause of severe menstrual pain, which I've experienced since my first period at 13 (when it was thought at first that I had appendicitis). Like you, everything was found to be pristine inside during the surgery. The endocrinologist who performed the lap said the dysmenhorrhea might be explained by "adenomyosis". My readings since then seem to indicate that this is something of a...
I recommend http://forum.pinkpowersuit.com/
Yes, JANGO ships to the US.
There is an awesome "mompreneur" resource site at www.pinkpowersuit.com . It's fairly new, but is owned and run by a successful, like-minded WAHM and offers affordable web hosting and the highest-end/most flexible online web builder software I've ever tried. (You can try it for free for a week.) HTH!
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