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He's not being very Christian, IMO.  I breastfed my baby, in Mass, sitting in the front row, every day but Saturdays for nearly 6 months.  Not a peep from my clergy.  Later on I found out there had been complaints-which is when our priest purchased a painting of the Blessed Virgin nursing the infant Jesus and placed it in the front hall.    Seriously, I wouldn't want to attend a church where it's acceptable for the pastor to mandate where an infant can be fed. ...
I see the OP's point, and there's a lot of red tape between the dollar you spend and the charity received on the other end of things. 
I often wonder if the people who think this were the teas-ers in school.  I don't know anyone who was teased that sees it as a benefit. 
  I almost didn't open this thread again...I am so glad I did....
My three year old has NPR on in his bedroom nearly 24/7.  They play classical music at night, and the radio doesn't get shut off.  He will lay on his bed and listen to A Prairie Home Companion and Car Talk.  He comes and tells me the weather report for the day.  He's heard somethings I'm sure he "shouldn't" but I don't keep my kids in a bubble.  Life is out there, it isn't always pleasant, and there are much healthier ways to deal with that than pretending it doesn't...
I think the key there is "exposed to".  We are exposed to many germs each day, but things like sanitary conditions, our nose hairs, and other defense mechanism's protect us before we reach the point of fever.  Vaccines, because the virus or bacteria bypasses many of those mechanism's and is a larger dose than we would come across in the wild, hit harder. 
Both mine hung by a thread, I just snipped it so it wouldn't snag on anything. Never had an issue with infection.
Limits can be a slippery slope, but limits can also save a nursing relationship. If you feel at your wits end, I think setting some limits might be in order. If it doesn't work out well, you can always go back to the way it is now.
I would say you do anything that helps-if distracting him works, do that. Sometimes you never discover the reason for it. Look into some teething remedies, I love hylands tabs, but others may have different suggestions. Not trying to overshadow your questions, but juice in a bottle is not recommended. Bottles can cause pooling of liquids, which is not good for their teeth, they also drink it too fast which could cause a belly ache. Plus, a baby at that age really...
How is her breathing? Is she retracting? Do you hear any weezing in her chest (not in her throat, which can occur with a cold). If the answer to any of those is yes, I would take her in to see a doctor. If not, I would wait and see how she does.
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