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Before I had children, I was a clean freak...some say OCD.lol I had a hard time at first with trying to keep the house up like I did before and take care of the baby, now babies! I cried, I fought, I even went on strike! None of which got me anywhere by the way! So I tried different ways to do both( children, housework) What I found that works the best for us is to clean first thing in the morning exp. make coffee, feed kids, do dishes, make beds, pick up clothes and...
We use Dr BROMMERS Miracle soap and Gaia shampoo. My little ones and I have very sensitive skin. Dr. Brommers is very inexpensive, the other is a bit pricey but, a little goes a long way.
Plaque causes tooth decay. Brushing removes plaque. Whether or not they are baby teeth or not decay is very serious. Decay can cause damage to the bones in the gums which could lead to big problems when the adult teeth grow in. I have been brushing both of my kids mouths since before the first teeth came. When my ds complains I show him a picture of someones mouth w severe decay and he lets me brush. I have had to hold both kids down and brush. I explain that we...
I would not be shy about talking to a LC or a LaLeche leader about your situation. If anyone would understand and be supportive, it would be them. Good luck and drink more water!!!!
Even if you can see the car at all times, what are you going to do if you see someone get into your car and drive off? Can you keep up with a moving car? I bring both children in where ever I go, I know it is a pain but I figure I have no choice but to keep them safe. Against the law or not. . . don't take any chances because you never know what could happen in a split second!
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