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Thanks Mamamer for your reply. Unfortunately my state only allows a medical or religious exemption. I saw a few replies from some from Baltimore, Maryland. My daughter is going to be attending the Acorn Hill Waldorf school in Silver Spring in the Fall. I am just curious about if I will get any questioning if I just sign the religious waiver and ommit the fact that my child was partially vaccinated. Have any had any difficulties from the Baltimore/Washington Waldorf...
When you all say you signed a waiver, do you mean you signed for a religious exemption? Also If your child is partially vaccinated which mine is would you recommend ommitting that on the form when signing the waiver. I have heard it is all or nothing.
How about Bugnut or Donsy, actually I like the one you have, it seems very sentimental.
My son is 13, soon to be 14. He grew 5 inches in the last year. The past4-5 years he is always complaining of Knee pain after doing sports. Just last week his ankle was bothering him for a week after playing tennis. This week his wrist hurt after tennis. I take him to the doctor at least once a year in addition to his well checkup with his complaints. They are always telling me it's one thing or another. Nothing serious. Last time they gave him some exercises to do...
I totally agree with you Katrina. I wish we lived in an area where we didn't have to drive. Unfortunately, living out in the stix (which we love!) you have to have a car. Plus I have been struck twice by dangerous drivers, this last time totaling my car. I am just plain scared to drive. I drive lately for the necessities only! Jennifer
I wanted to name my first daughter Jenna, but I had a son. Then my second child was a son, then my third child ten years later was a daughter, yeah, but my friend beat me to the name. So my name is jennifer and jennamama came to mind! Cool thread!
Just an idea, you may be able to find a list of Waldorf schools at (Waldorf.net) I recall seeing it there somewhere in the links. You may have to fish around. If not keep asking, someone is bound to know where the list is. I know there is one that list schools all over the world. Another option is calling a Waldorf school in another state and asking them for the resource.
There is a great Long distance college program called Clayton college. You can get various degrees. I am currently studying natural health. It is advertised in Mothering Magazine or you can go on line to www.ccnh.edu It is great, you can work at your own pace, no stress, and what a way to learn and integrate natural health into your own life! Good luck!
Sorry, I gave you the wrong email: www.jimsharps.com
My reccomendations are to find a good naturopathic physician. First he can guide you in the nutritional part and second help you to boost your immune system whether you opt for the chemo or not. If you can't find one you may be able to get a referral from mine. He is at www.jsharps.com Best of luck to you and lot's of prayer included too. Jennifer
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