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I'm here too, but it's Holy Week, and I've been gone for most of Lent. I'll step it up once Easter is here. I still have to go face the Passion Service at Church tonight.
As her art teacher, it's within the scope of her job to correct your daughter's hand position when holding a paint brush, but she is overstepping boundaries concerning the rest. Your daughter is 5, and is not expected to have completely mastered precision in drawing and following directions. It's also not within the scope of her job to correct your daughter's handwriting skills, and is obviously making things worse since she's now regressed in handwriting. I'd mention this...
I'm sorry you're going through this! Are there any updates? Has CPS backed off and closed your case, or are they pushing forward to keep you from homeschooling?
I also wanted to add that you might want to bring up Matthew 5:28. That combined with all the good Biblical references to nursing, I think it's pretty clear that if anyone is in the wrong, it's those who look upon a nursing mother as though she's doing something dirty and sexual, and needs to cover up. You might even suggest to them that the sin is theirs, not yours.
I hope this gives you some inspiration that you're doing the right thing. Maybe you could even email for permission to print it off to send your pastors a copy so they won't end up harassing all the nursing mothers of the parish, or end up making them feel like they must choose between their babies and Church. http://www.christopherwest.com/page.asp?ContentID=50
Don't let it turn into an argument. Just refuse to engage with her. Every time anyone brings it up, just tell them that it's not up for discussion, and repeat that every single time they try to bring up some brilliant argument they think they've come up with that you've never heard of before.
Would your family be receptive to this or a similar script? "Dad, we've got everything under control. DC will be watched by a friend. What I really need right now is to rest and relax. I appreciate that you care, but your repeated calls concerning the birth interrupts my naps and stresses me out. You can talk to me about other things, but please don't bring the birth up again."
It sounds like you're doing great, Mama! I'm happy that things are working out better for you. I also agree with everyone else. Don't let him take your breastfed baby overnight anymore!
Where are you planning on using the compost? I certainly wouldn't use it in any food gardens! Mice have a bacteria in their urine that can be deadly to humans and pets. It seems that having mice live in the compost pile will cause a concentration of their urine and feces in your fertilizer. That just doesn't sound safe to me.
Have they checked her gallbladder function? Pain in the right side of the stomach with digestive problems sound like gall bladder issues to me. The discoloration could also be caused by the medications, but given her other symptoms, they should check out her liver. Are her eyes yellow?
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