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My mom, as well. She has a very tentative grasp on reality to begin with (undiagnosed mental illness(es?), in conjunction with depression and alcoholism makes for good times), so it's no surprise when her version of events is no where near anyone else's. Sometimes it is as simple as switching which child did what (there are 4 of us so it is somewhat understandable). Other times, it is a complete rewriting or omission of events (like the time she let my 2yo nephew drink...
I still offer the boob to my 17mo to calm her down. Breastfeeding really is THE rabbit in the hat when it comes to being a mother. The best way to raise an independent, self-sufficient, happy child is to make sure to meet their needs as they grow. And right now, you're babe needs to nurse (for food, comfort, to sleep, etc - it is still a need). You are doing a great job!
All I could picture was a bunch of naked (except for hats and gloves, of course) kids running around laughing in the snow. Too funny! And completely valid in the world of toddlers. Well I'm sorry we are not closer! My only other suggestion would be lots of layers and the newspaper bags over the socks (but in the shoes) and bread bags over the shoes. Have fun!
I read the title of this thread as "How to have fun in the snow without clothing"! Anyway, where in PA are you? I have some bigger snowsuits that were given to us that dd won't fit into for at least another year or two. They are kinda girly, but if you're close by I'm more than happy to share. eta: I just saw your ds is a few days older than my dd (8-2-08). The suits are probably 2t and/or 3t, but if you have an average or bigger toddler, they may work. My dd is...
Meh, you could just skip the sippy all together if you want. DD is almost 17mos and is practicing with regular juice glasses (easier for smaller hands) when we are home and one of these when we are out and about. We originally got her the nuby because she had no interest in a sippy cup either and it is closer to a bottle (which she would take from time to time) so she knew how it worked.
Oh, thank goodness it wasn't what i thought! My mother routinely used spray bottles as discipline and it was humiliating! But in this case, I don't think it was discipline as much as diversion. And there is a huge difference between the back of the head and right in the face. Tell her that she is a wonderful mother for doing what she had to in order to keep her son safe.
Whatever you end up talking about, be sure to come back here to *ahem* tell us how it went. Otherwise known as "gossiping". Because whether you have a fantastic time and leave there with a dozen new BFFs or it is the single most horrific experience of your life, you'll have some great stories to share with us (who all absolutely adore you regardless of the condition of your vehicle, etc ). eta: forgot to tell you to have a great time
Quote: Originally Posted by possum Owen was doing short sentences when we moved here around 15 months, but he's always been, well, gianormous. He was definitely as big or bigger than many 2 year olds then. Your dainty little darling, on the other hand, is on the other end of things. I don't think using short sentences at that age is abnormal, but definitely strong on the verbal skills. I think the combination of having strong verbal skills and being...
Whew! I mean, I know my baby is the most brilliant child on the planet but I really didn't think she was quite that advanced.
DD is 16mo and has started speaking in short sentences ("I want more, please." "I peed." "Poo poo all done." etc). I didn't think much of it, but you should see the reactions I get when people find out! It can't be that uncommon, can it? About what age did your lo start using simple sentences?
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