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Hi there! I birthed my twins naturally. Was planning on a water birth with my midwife at her birthing center but they came too early so I ended up birthing them at a hospital in the OR. It was not what I had planned but thankfully I only spent an hour at the hospital before they were born.   Your midwife has put you in a tricky situation. Are you set on this midwife or would you be open to another one who would be ok with you not telling the ob you are under someone...
My Twin A was born breech. We actually did get him to turn using pulsatilla and the webster technique but he turned back. There is a lot of great info on the spinning babies website. Sorry if all of this info has been said before. I am too tired to read through all of it right now.  My twin's birth story is up on my blog http://crunchytwinmom.blogspot.com and you are welcome to email me directly if you want to talk kristenly83 at gmail dot com
i agree with mamalovex3! both are the best, most natural i can find. there is also a yahoo group for ap twin moms. and if you'd like some more reading you can check out my blog http://crunchytwinmom.blogspot.com :-)  
there is really SO much stuff that you just don't need and a few very helpful things that you do. i blogged about it here  http://crunchytwinmom.blogspot.com/2012/05/baby-gear-simple-and-affordable.html
I personally think it depends more on the ob or mfm themselves and the way they handle things. I had a midwife and transferred to her back up obgyn when my twins came too early to deliver away from a NICU. That particular obgyn had a ton a twin experience and even delivered my twins (baby a breech and baby b with cord prolapse) naturally without batting an eye.  
  thank you! i will add them to the list  
thank you! i  just added him to my list. i will let you know when it's up and running! and i will ask then for your birth story  
here is a link to my birth story!   http://crunchytwinmom.blogspot.com/2012/05/birthing-twins-naturally.html   my twins were born naturally at 34 weeks. baby a was breech and baby b had cord prolapse.
I haven't posted on Mothering in a long time (I'm thinking that will change now that I know there are multiple mamas on here!) but I am hoping that you ladies can help me.   I am currently working on a project with some other twin moms and part of that includes making a directory of Midwives and OBGYN's that support natural twin birth.   I know for me the scariest part of finding out I was having twins was wondering if I would be able to find a provider that...
i agree that a doula would be very helpful. i have heard of women waiting in the parking lot of hospitals until they were crowning and then going in. although you would still have to deal with them wanting to take your baby away. i don't know if you have an obgyn but i read a great idea in the book "pushed" about having your doctor write and sign a prescription pad with what the two of you agree on (like: no episiotomy, food and drink ok during labor, ect.) that way...
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