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carried to 39.5 weeks.  planned hosp. vag. delivery.  but, water broke at home and within the hour I had one big contraction at the end of which out flew baby A, 6 lb 5 oz.  less than 5 min later out came baby B 7lb 7oz double footling breech.  Paramedics arrived - we were all transferred to hosp.  Discharged 24 hours later.  Everyone healthy.  Over a year later mama and papa still shocked.  lol. 
I don't know of a pattern but just a thought/suggestion...you might want to have two seperate cross-stiched annoucements instead of one combined one. I have the cross-stiched announcement that my grandmother made for me when I was born and I think it would be sad, had I been a twin, if my twin and I had to choose which one of us got to have the wonderful keepsake.
My first labor was about 7 hours start to finish. My second was...no labor, water breaks, one contraction, out come babies. Less than 20 minutes start to finish. While nothing is ever certian I think that if you had a short labor the first time it is best to prepare for a shorter birth the second time around1
Christine Dorian in plymouth meeting http://www.christinedorian.com/
We were at Lankenau after my babies were born (unexpectedly) at home. Here is what I experienced. The babies (who were healthy) were taken to the well baby nursery for assessment and to "warm up". I asked for them repeatedly but was told the nursery was "busy" and it would be awhile. I then basically (calmly but firmly) threw a fit, informed my nurse that every piece of medical evidence demonstrates that babies should be with moms after birth and the best place for my...
Thanks Ladies - these are great suggestions. I was worried about the rice puffs because they don't seem to disolve easily (like cheerios do) but I will give it a try. The baby mum-mums say they have traces of milk so I did not buy them, but I will look for other brands.
Does anyone have any suggestions for some first finger foods for my 9 month old DS who is allergic to milk, eggs and wheat? Some foods he has tolerated include pureed apples, bananas, avocado, brown rice, carrots, squash and peas. Do I just start with super soft bits of these same foods? I saw these rice "cakes" at Whole foods, but they have traces of milk so need to skip those. I (sadly) cannot for the life of me remember the transition to more solid foods with my...
My DS (7.5 months) had a skin prick test today and the results came back positive for milk, eggs, wheat, and rye. Soy was negative. As were barley and oats. I know the skin prick test can have high false positives, but we were still advised to eliminate Milk, Eggs and Wheat. DS is officially failure to thrive at this point, having falling complete off the growth charts. I am breastfeeding so the choice is to have me eliminate or switch to a elemental formula. I have...
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