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I am looking for a KJV Bible for two teenage girls (13 and 15) that has daily readings and questions/answers to follow each reading for them to use as their morning devotions. They already have a One Year Bible but I am looking for something more interactive.  Do you have any suggestions?
Has anyone ever ordered staples from a restaurant supply distributor through a restaurant?
I live in the upstate of South Carolina and I'm trying to find the lowest prices for bulk food items.  I've started a price book and I can't beat Aldi & Sam's for their prices on the basics.  It seems to me that I should be able to buy 50# bags of rice and beans for less if I buy in bulk.  I'm having a hard time finding anything online.  The co-ops that are around specialize in health foods so their prices are higher than what I can find at Sam's & Aldi For those of...
Hi, I have 5 children and run an in-home babysitting service.  I have had some very sensitive bottoms to deal with over the years and the best method I have found is to let it air dry as much as possible!  I have a mini-hairdryer with a warm/cool setting to make sure the bum is super dry each time I change a diaper.  The kids love it!  Letting the baby go without a diaper for a few hours during the day helps a bunch, too.  Change baby frequently to keep everything as dry...
Everything went fabulous and I only had a 3.5 hour labor! On Tuesday, June 30, after another visit to the doctor, I was found to be the same dilatation and effacement with zero contractions. He stripped my membranes to see if he could stir anything up. We planned to go to the hospital at 7 am the next morning and have him break my water. I tried some natural induction methods that night to no avail. We had a great night of rest and went in to the hospital at 6:30...
Thank you so much for sharing! You've given me a lot of encouragement with your success stories. My Bishop's score is 14 so that is favorable. :
Hello Everyone! I'm 40w4d and 5 cm/75% effaced without any contractions. I have pelvic organ prolapse so I'm very uncomfortable. I have tried castor oil 4x over the past two weeks. I've walked until I'm exhausted. Natural remedies do not seem to be working. They are going to break my water tomorrow morning. I was wondering if you would be willing share your success rates with artificial rupture of membranes and/or induction stories to comfort me.
I've tried castor oil twice already this pregnancy on two different days to no avail so I think you really have to be ready for these natural methods to work. With baby #4, I did an entire day full of stuff including castor oil, cohosh, nipple stim, sex, enema, etc and all it did was give me a few braxton hix contractions. My water broke three days later and she was born after an 18 hour labor. That was after I was 3 cm dilated for several weeks before hand! You just...
I've been taking EPO since 36 weeks and it has not started labor or anything. I'm having my 5th baby and I've never noticed natural induction methods to work unless your body is ready. : )
Please share any natural induction methods that have worked for you...I'd love to hear your stories! : Ideas I have heard of... -Stripping Membranes -Castor Oil -Sex -Nipple Stimulation -Herbs (Black and/or Blue Cohosh) -Spicy Food -Bumpy Car Rides -Evening Primrose Oil
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