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thanks :)   im 11 weeks now and still nursing them both, very tired and hungry but doing ok so far :) i'm hoping they dont wean themselves, im gunna have a go at triandem nursing :)
im 6 weeks pg and bf my 26 month old and 9 month old, they arent ready to wean obviously so im not planning on doing :) has anyone else done it?
she's 16months, im 35 weeks pg, i guess my milk is changing?
my 16 month definately understands... she screams at me and run away with the thing she shouldnt have... shes also worked out that mama at 35 weeks pregnant cannot get to her if she hides under the table
the only moaning noises you make in bed are the ones that come out when you are attempting to roll..
both of mine were born at exactly 41 weeks... no 3 is due in 8 weeks, i'm not expecting him to be early..
when your 15 month old extends a hand to help you get off the sofa... when you get a stone in your sandal and leave it there cos bendings too much hassle... when you dont bathe any more, its more of a wallow when you share your wallowing with the 15 month old and teach her to wash your legs... when your 15 month old knows how to load and start the washing machine when your dp kisses you goodnight when you go up to put the children to bed cos you might not...
ive been given a swing... the woman who gave it to me said its great, the swing rocks them and plays music to them, then the seat un clips from the frame and lies back so they can drink their bottle and you dont need to pick the baby up.....
it actually happened to me yesterday while i was shopping! i'm 31 weeks pregnant, sat on a bench to nurse dd (15 months) and a group of people were staring, nudging each other and pointing at me! thats never happened before
have you used a ring sling before? i have one that i dont use because the ring is very uncomfortable for me... i prefer peanut shell pouches (do you have tkmaxx in wales? i paid £12 for mine!) shame you arent in lancashire, i have a wrap, 2 peanut shell pouches and a fleece pouch,a ring sling and a bag sling (that i dont like) that you could come and play with oh and one of those upright thingys that are ok when they are a bit bigger but not so good for...
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