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we dont circ in the uk, exept for religious reasons(muslims and jews)... i'm catholic so we dont my ds is 8 and intact and my dp is 38 and intact both without any preoblems.. i used to work in a nursery in a muslim area so ive seeen a few circ'ed ones during nappy changes but its the norm to be intact
i have 2 pushchairs, one is a mummy facing pram and ones a lightweigh buggy i use for the school run....... i packed the pram on friday with nappies etc to go to baby gym.... put dd in the buggy and went off (i drop ds off at school on the way) didnt realise i had nothing but my handbag and dds snack bag (clutched to her chest in case big brother steals her goodies lol) with me until i remembered at school that it was gym..
quinines supposed to help, i drink tonic water before i go to bed and hardly get them now
at ds's confirmation yesterday dd shouted "miiiiiks" (milk), i gave it to her, she nursed for a second, saw a little girl watching her, popped off and said "nice" smiled and finished her feed lol
vinegar and bread
ddc crashing here... i had anterior placenta with dd, just means its on the front, as long as its no blocking babies exit you should be fine.. i will warn you that you probably wont feel much movement till late on because the placenta blocks it... i ahd a beautiful home birth will dd
Quote: Originally Posted by Kiwiontheloose Yep - I agree with "good nights", also "sleeping like a baby" by Pinky McKay. No cry sleep solution - Elizabeth Pantley was a good read but you have to be very committed to pull off her methods, I tried but always was too sleepy to pay enough attention to "gently slipping the nipple out of babys mouth before they are quite asleep" etc etc! Quote: Originally Posted by...
obviously where ever i was when the baby was hungry.... any strange or interesting ones? ive fed in... school assembly, parent teacher meetings, church, on a plane, on a bus, while walking round a supermarket, in a cathedral, at a concert, at my in-laws house the first time i met them, at the first meeting with my new midwife when she came to tell me the benefits of breastfeeding i'm thinking of more
nexxt doot one way has many dogs and no kids but gives me advice about my ds next door other way love their dogs like they are their children.. next to them are drug addicts always coming round for money for 'food ' for their son.... (i give their son food instead) even tho they are drunk, they say their benefits dont come etc.. woman across the road has been sectioned but keeps coming back then sectioned again, she has boards at her windows and is not allowed to...
i did blw with dd who's now 13 months old she has only ever 'chocked' on a piece of lettuce im not sure about te beans, the longer you cook them the less nutritious they are, we eat all our veg with a bit of crunch but thats how we like it whatever you decide to do (and you should tell your mil how i'm "putting my unborn baby in danger" by breastfeeding while pregnant, a 14 month old no less lol) someone will have a problem with it i always do the best...
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