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i would have been angry as well but, out of interest, is a midwife different in the us? in the uk all pregnancies are dealt with by NHS midwives and you only see a dr if something is out of the ordinary? my midwife is a home birth midwife who comes to see me every 2 weeks at my house (all free because of the nhs) and she will hopefully, as long as she is on duty that day,deliver my baby as well. (thats what happened with dd)
dd just turned 1 i'm also 18 weeks pregnant and really hoping i can keep my supply and tandem feed
i'm not really in here yet, dd is 1 on tuesday but i wanted to share her new thing when shes feeding she pops off and lets out a big "aaaaah" like shes just had a long refreshing drink, had me and dp in stitches
i'm 16 weeks and i think i'm feeling baby above my pubic bone, with dd i only felt movemt early on around my left hip, i had an anterior placenta, i'm thinking this time maybe i dont?
i am, had a beautiful homebirth last year with dd (11 months) so definately doing it again homebirths are legal and free in the uk, i will have my named midwife (helen) and one of her coworkers
i have this as well! i'm only 10ish weeks tho, i had it with dd but no one could explain it.
i use prefolds and pockets (i have a couple of aio's as well) with dd (10 months), i have a lovely stash of girly ones but with prefolds i will only have to get a few wraps and i've still got enough if i have a boy this time so its probably more economical in the long run if you plan to have some more, over here we get a £45 grant (google says thats $73?) when you are pregnant to spend on cd's so hopefully that will cover most of the new wraps to begin with, until i start...
im only 10ish weeks with y 3`rd i think i get the same thing sometimes, usually when i stand up.
anyone not have sickness every day? i'm not exactly sure how far i am, pretty sure i am at least 8 weeks tho from last period i am 10 weeks but im still bf 10 month old dd so my periods werent very regular (anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks apart) i have a lot of anxiety problems and the lack of regular sickness is worrying me.
due date is 17th august... bit of a surprise really, my dd is only 9 months old, which means 2 pregnancies in the same year! lol i'm still bf as well and not intention of stopping i'm scared, i always am when i'm pregnant, i'm mama to an 8 year old as well i have lost 2 babys so always a bit nervous... lots of sticky baby dust for everyone
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