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Quote: Originally Posted by Barbie64g atleast he made you a coffee before he left..... GEEZ!!! If you dont mind me asking, is he your 6 month olds father? That might be totally wrong of me to ask, but I for some reason am just dying of curiosity. no he isnt
Quote: Originally Posted by griffin2004 the events I listed happened to us on Wed; the "us" I was referring to was my dd and me lol, i meant i thought for a min that it was really weds and i thought it was thursday.. i had to check
Quote: Originally Posted by griffin2004 Happy Wednesday to us. that really confused me! i have a 6 month old that doesnt need sleep anymore and im the only one with boobies so i have to get up everytime..... i read that and sat here thinking "im sure its thursday today" i checked the calender on my pc as well!! it is thursday here
it is 6.30am here.... this morning my partner got out of bed, made me a coffee and went to work...... when i went down stairs his stuff was gone.. i logged into facebook which informs me we've split up.....woulda been nice if he'd told me can see this is gunna be a great day
slightly different but still relevent (i think) no flames please its just my opinion and what works for us my ds (7) has aspergers, he is very very hyperactive, he was offrered behaviour modification medication but i refused (i'm in the uk so medicine is free) becuase he wouldnt be my son anymore, does that make sense, my son is hyperactive and silly and funny... would he still be those things if his behaviour was modified.... so i feed him natural, home made food (and...
but if we all live together and do the same things they will call it a cult
i made the mistake of saying "Gina ford? yeah i got her book as a gift, i threw it away, you cant train babies, they arent dogs" at breastfeeding group : seems they all got a copy...... and follow it :
Quote: Originally Posted by Ellp Yup, thats me. It first started with choosing a midwife over a Dr. From then on it was cloth diapers, babywearing, no commercial babyfood, shopping 2nd hand, etc. Quote: Originally Posted by Peacemamalove Yes that is me as well. At times I feel like I am the only one on the planet who thinks about things like cloth diapering,and AP ! Quote: Originally Posted by...
i feel like that sometimes, i'll say somethng to a friend, like the other day i was talking about getting her new car seat and a friend said i would be forward facing her soon any way (dd is 6 months next week) and i said i was leaving her rear facing and she looked at me like i was stupid and said 'i wouldnt do that to my children' its the same when people see my nappies, like theres something wrong with me.... it feels like everything i do is 'odd'.. i was offered...
dp calls them dds breasts and they are completely off limits you could give the baby his dinner to play with then put it back on his plate and ask him if he wants to eat it
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