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My DS is 21 months and still nursing on demand. My DD will be 4 y/o next month and we nurse "kinda" on demand... I will ask her to wait until I'm done eating, or if I'm nursing her brother (I don't tandem... I've done it a few times and it leaves me feeling very claustrophobic, I don't like it) or if she's literally demanding "I want to nurse NOW!" yea... then I will ask her to wait until she can ask nicely. At one year though? that's still just a baby, I definitely...
Lots of ELV to you sweety! Can't wait to hear about this beautiful, perfect little one! No worries, your body and baby know exactly what they're doing
Quote: Originally Posted by Enudely this is one of the reasons we don't go to the dr. unless we are sick : I never worried about weight, as long as the kiddo is *obviously* thriving (milestones, happy, healthy looking, etc) the numbers don't mean squat.
This is just horrible to hear. It makes me so thankful that I educated myself and never vaxxed my kids. That poor family
I don't. We've always used Hyland's teething tablets. They're homeopathic so I don't need to worry about over or under dosing, nor do I worry about the chemicals and artificial *stuff* that may or may not be in children's medication. Example: red dye in children's liquid pain relievers, artificial dyes are petroleum based which isn't something most parents want to put in their children's bodies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sheacoby Welcome! I hope you stay and soak up all the great information here. I have Bjorn as well, I'd prefer a sling (have two already) but baby prefers the Bjorn, he wins. psst! Have you tried a wrap? I've seen babies in the same positions in a wrap that they are in in the bjorn. : To the OP- Welcome to MDC
Wow. Both choices are just icky. Vaxxes are poison being injected into a child's body, and formula is disgusting for the most part. If I absolutely couldn't breastfeed I would use an SNS with donor milk, goat's milk or homemade organic formula. Never the crap in a can. And... well... I just wouldn't vax. Period. So... No vax with SNS & donor milk
Quote: Originally Posted by jkpmomtoboys To take away his gifted program certainly seems punitive to me. A gifted program isn't soccer or video games or something that's a treat. It's a critical element of any gifted child's learning experience. Maybe it's fun but it's essential. I agree you should talk to your son without judgment. Maybe he has a learning disability. Maybe he's bored. Maybe he does have an attention deficit disorder. The...
Have you asked your ds what's up? How is he feeling about schoolwork? What does he like about school? What doesn't he like? Is he bored? Bored is a baaaad thing for kids to be. Heck, bored is a bad thing for adults to be. What are your DS' interests? Get into his head, talk to him, and listen (really really listen) to what he says. And don't forget that play is a healthy part of a child's development
Quote: Originally Posted by ErikaLeigh How do you rinse with the water? Erika! Fancy seeing you here!: I'd use a peri bottle, sports bottle or a mini shower (you can find them on CDing shops) Easy
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