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Quote: Originally Posted by BambooMama ok, so I have a question... If you don't have a sanitize cycle on your washer, short of adding a little bleach, you aren't totally disinfecting your wipes. So if someone say has some sort of issue down yonder (e.g. a UTI or a yeast infection), will that potentially spread to the rest of the fam? Has anyone had this issue? I'm wondering if we should be using a tiny bit of bleach every wash. Ack! No...
Oh Satori! It sucks being "stuck" with the tv. Our family has totally fallen off the no tv wagon The darn thing is on almost all day and I hate it. However we've also got dd in Stage 1 of the Feingold Program and sometimes letting dd watch tv is the only way i keep my sanity. I'm probably tying the noose for my own hanging with that. I really do need to start limiting/cutting out tv... I just dont have the emotional /mental strength to do it right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by nhorzepa Does RRL cause an increase in Braxton Hicks? When I was at my Bradley class last night, I was suprised that many women (farther along than I am) have never even had one (that they recognize). I believe I keep my self pretty hydrated, but I've been noticing them since ~12 wks...and feeling them since ~18 wks a couple times a day. TIA! Braxton hicks contractions are normal, but everyone feels them at...
I've never heard of anything like that. I don't see how labor would be different for the sight-impaired other than not being able to see. I would suggest having a support person nearby, but I'd suggest that for most mothers, it's always nice to have someone to hang on, give counter-pressure, get things for you, etc...
With dd, water was wonderful, massage helped me a lot and i barely progressed until everyone left me alone. With ds it was peace of mind (we had a uc, i knew i was free to follow my body), being in the warm birth pool on my hands and knees and rocking my pelvis.
Quote: Originally Posted by veganf I function sooo much better on a schedule. So I've started imposing a sleep schedule for Nate (I know, not very AP, but it works for us and I actually find him being in a better mood because of it!). Here are my criteria: - I refuse to let him fall asleep for his first nap before 9am. - He must go at least 2 hours between naps. - The last nap of the day must be done by 5pm (preferably sooner). - Bedtime is no...
Oh mama, I am so incredibly sorry. My thoughts are prayers are with your family.
Sock-based longies pattern? I have to see this! Bring the longies with you
That is so thoughtful!
Quote: Originally Posted by super kitty What are you doing wrong? Not paying for the search feature. I don't think the option is here yet so searching is near impossible for every member at the moment. Sorry! You have to PAY to use the search feature now??
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