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Quote: Originally Posted by ~MoonGypsy~ My OP was aimed at those who were belittling Mothering for the money making side of these ads, such as: Ah. Thank you for clarifying. My apologies.
coloroms? You mean shrinky dinks?
I wish I weren't
Quote: What does upset me is the people that threaten to tell Hathor or real advertisers. That is only hurtful. I understand what you're saying but when Mothering is advertising (thus promoting) formula I think that's something that concerns lactivists.
Quote: Originally Posted by ~MoonGypsy~ I think it's despicable how you all are riding Mothering for trying to make money. This is one of the largest forums on the Internet, plus the normal website to go with it. Do you think this is free? Do you think that someone is spending millions of dollars from the goodness of their hearts, so that a bunch of disgruntled mamas can accuse them of being money mongers? Reality check ladies. They are doing what they...
all four ads on the pregnancy forum are for adoption
Quote: Originally Posted by eclipse While I'm horrified by some of the ads I'm seeing, I think it's a bit early to be organizing and/or threatening an MDC boycott. Perhaps everyone can just keep reporting the outrageous ads until tomorrow when Cynthia has a chance to read all of our comments. It's fine to be outraged, but I don't see what good it will do to work ourselves up until we have an official response. I'm all for waiting to see what...
Quote: Originally Posted by djinneyah hmmm...i wonder what hathor would think : let's find out...
Quote: Originally Posted by majazama Well, I for one, will probably not come to MDC any more if they will allow these ads, but cynthia has still not weighed in on this. I suggest a boycott of MDC if this is going to be accepted. The compleat mother has a forum. ............ I hate to say it, but I agree. What I have always loved about Mothering and MDC was it's integrity but now... I feel violated.
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