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What happened to the ads that we used to see on the right? They at least fit the community... I still want a Cedar Works swingset
Quote: ....circumcision ringtones? Um...wtf?
Quote: Originally Posted by super kitty Have there been any nfl friendly ads yet? Sure there may be very few that are not totally offensive or completely contrary but I have yet to see or read any that are actually nfl appropriate. I've seen a few for cloth diapers.
Quote: Originally Posted by romans_mum they arnt promoting them, but yes, every click on an add makes money Actually by allowing these ads on their site they are promoting them.
Quote: Originally Posted by fullofgrace For those who need it, AdBlock Plus is located here: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1865/ But an ad blocker isn't going to solve the problem
Quote: Originally Posted by Calidris You do realise that the more we complain about c*irc the more c*irc ads we get right? At the moment I see 2/4 next to this page. Google ads work by analysing the text on the page to choose "relevant" ads, of course their computers have no idea if our c*irc refs are positive or negative. That may be so, but how is that going to do us any good on the circ board? We can't stop talking about circ there....
Quote: Originally Posted by tayndrewsmama to all of you. I have figured out why I have never had to deal with any ads. FIREFOX BABY! Psst...It's free. Nope, I'm running Firefox and I'm still getting this crap : I know Mothering needs to pay the bills, but this is sad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Terabith Well, my dd's third birthday is today and she got a lite brite and a big wheel, if that tells you anything. Unfortunately, her legs are shorter than I thought and while she can reach the pedals on the closest slot, she cant really push to the point when they are furthest away. Oh well. She doesnt have the hang of pedaling anyway, so she will grow into it, I guess. I had a popples big wheel
Quote: Originally Posted by eilonwy What kind of crane game has American Girl dolls?!?! Where can I get one? No clue, but I believe her because 1.) she is a crane game addict 2.) she never pays above dollar store prices for anything (she'd rather get five junky things than one quality item). Did you know Mattel bought Pleasant Company? :
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