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Quote: Originally Posted by flapjack Again, the subject line says it all. It's a preloved Ashford Traditional, liberated from a skip and reconditioned for me. And I love it- her? Do wheels have genders? Do they need names? Or am I just being silly? (I bought a fleece too- a romney/wensleydale cross. Lets not tell my dh that bit.) I named my guitar (which I still haven't learned to play lol), her name is Leona Do we get to see her?
I'm seriously thinking about making "Fetching" my first "me" project... of course I still have two pairs of longies and two pantas to finish before then... possibly a skully (well, a different design but the same pattern) as well... Which is fine because I have no idea what color to make the Fetching in. Also, how would one make child-size Fetchings? smaller needles and thinner yarn but same pattern maybe?
This one is great. Knits up quick, fits well and it's EASY. http://www.geocities.com/bugster74/m...reemiehat.html
Quote: Originally Posted by daylily Totally. Or else I buy them toys I wished I could have had, such as American Girl dolls, which weren't around when I was a kid, but I would have loved them. OMG I'm so sad, I've been saving my AG doll (Samantha) for dd (always planned on passing my good toys to my kids) and I'd planned on waiting until dd was old enough to appreciate that kind of doll and guess what. About a month ago we were at MIL's and she...
i love little people! hmm.. i think i have my old my little ponies in the basement *somewhere* dd would love them for solstice...
dont forget Holiday Helper
omg what size needlse did you use??? that's awesome!
thats great...wonder if the same works with MILs?
cotton... duh! of course And i can use acrylic for the dishrags for dd's playkitchnen
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