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It never dawned on me to knit dishrags Do you use a pattern or just a swatch? What kind of stitch is best and (most importantly) what kind of yarn do you use?
2.5 month old + high needs toddler = knitting after bed! I do my i-cords in the car though I'm training myself to not get carsick while knitting (I could never, ever read in a moving car :Puke ) so I can knit while DH drives.
Does anyone know the shipping address for 100purewool? I need to send them a money order but they didnt give me an address...(making a panta for my granny for christmas!)
Quote: Originally Posted by mamadege5 CryPixie~ but you do have really nice teeth, why won't you talk to me??? omg! :
Go for it, I'm always happy to talk to*intelligent* people on Yahoo... mostly I get "men" who don't read the part of my profile that says "happily married" and lately a dentist who is hitting on me with the pick-up line of "you have really nice teeth" Soooo creepy
Quote: Originally Posted by Pandora114 *raises hand* * we would too if we had the $$$
What's really crazy is DH told me that Best Buy issued a press report that customers are NOT allowed to line up until 24 hours before sales of the PS3 are to begin, which means people can legally start lining up tomorrow (thursday). :
Yup, PS3... dh works at Best Buy. Why anyone would take time away from their lives to sit in the cold for that long for a video game system..totally beyond me
thanks for the suggestions!
That's like asking a woman who wears cloth pads why she doesn't use always or kotex. Cloth feels so much better against your skin, doesn't contain chemicals (toilet paper uses bleach in disgusting amounts to look clean and white), doesn't waste resources, doesn't waste money, you don't run out (unless you're behind on laundry).
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