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Quote: Originally Posted by lisalou It's Beaujolais season now. You can usually get them for cheap now. They're fruity and nice and it makes a nice fall ritual. Also goes well with turkey. What are you looking to eat it with or is it a gift? Cotes du Rhones are good solid reds that make nice gifts and don't cost an arm and a leg. Really just to enjoy a nice wine. The last time I tried to buy wine I ended up with a terrible pinot grisio (sp?)...
Quote: Did anyone else notice the swoopy line shape in the clouds at the beginning? The Helix? Didn't notice that...
Quote: Originally Posted by KristiMetz I very VERY seldom drink at all, currently... but I am planning on trying to incorporate some red wine into my diet, because of the health benefits. I'm pretty sure my DS will find it disgusting, but I hope that as he gets older he will acquire more of a taste for it so that he can have those health benefits too. That reminds me... can anyone suggest a good red wine? I know nothing about wine, so looking...
hmm.. I don't see an eye icon However I did stumble across a tutorial I used a long time ago and the technique goes like this: zoom as close to the eye as possible, select the red area with the elliptical marquee tool, layer>new adjustment layer>chanel mixer red:0 green 50 blue: 50 Works pretty well
Anyone have a good method for this? I have photoshop.
OK, so DH says Eden is a Muse (power of suggestion), thats pretty cool, but I am so sad that they made Isaac shoot up Why didn't he just have them call Peter??? I think the Indian kid was a boy... a dreamwalker perhaps? For a while there I thought maybe Mohinder was a "special".
Can't wait to see Mohinder again ... so hawt! Plus he's got the coolest name and Hiro... more yummy.. :
Yay! I joined and (with some help from this thread) I successfully added the blogring site code! HTML makes my head hurt when I'm holding an infant with a two year old running around screaming.
For pain relief we've used teething tablets and whiskey (rubbing it on them gums). We're getting ds an amber teething necklace soon too. Also, giving them safe things to knaw on... cloth (ds loves to gum his sister's waldorf baby), wooden teethers, I think some moms lets their dc chew on robeez shoes (soft leather).
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