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I got upset with my neighbor when he offered to spray herbicide on my prolific plantain What is it with people spraying that crap everywhere, anyway?
Plantain! It's always overlooked as a weed Plantain is awesome for cuts scrapes and bee stings!
I'm in zone 5 and I am looking at starting a late garden... mainly tomatoes, marigolds, peppers, maybe some cukes but I'm trying to figure out where to put it... seems my yard has everything from full shade to full sun and in between. Any advice?
I just wear my normal suit, which is a bikini top with men's swim trunk. Although I do need to buy a bigger top.... the girls just dont wanna stay in there!
I have the RRL from Mountain Rose, so I know the spongey, crumbley texture you're talking about (it's normal). You gotta remember that the bulk stuff is MUCH fresher than anything you can get in a tea bag. I brew my hot tea in an infusing pot a full teaspoon to a full pot, and let it steep 15-20 minutes. 5 minute steeping is great for black or green tea, but to get full taste and benefit, let the herbs steep a while
Quote: Originally Posted by lurve so one of my friends was saying that for "older women" (read 35-40) that going to 42 weeks was not recommended and it increases the risk of stillbirth. so her doctor will induce her at 41 weeks!!! whatever happened to believing that we can do this? My question is what's so magical abuot age 35? It's like as soon as a women has her 35th birthday she's bumped up in the risk category: I mean, I'm 22 and I'm...
Pregnant for 11 months? Egads no thank you! Well... I dunno, when you look at the calendar it looks horrific but when you're actually experiencing it I doubt it would be as bad as you'd think. I can't imagine that ever happening with an OB managed pregnancy though,which is sad because women's bodies move at their own pace.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lisa85 Y'all are giving me hope that I CAN have a natural birth Between 7 and 8lbs sounds about perfect for me. My first was just over 7# Of course you can! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, cause you're a woman, you're awesome and your body knows the steps to the dance
OMG Sapphire, I love your siggie!
I have started waking dd if she sleeps past 9ish because she's finally got a routine and gets cranky if it differs too much.
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