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This is an EXCELLENT thread, some really good advice here.
I carried my son until he was two, I used a kari-me in the early days which was great and then a adjustable side sling. That was good, because it was very quick in and out!
Wow this takes me back! yes I think it is completely natural and fine. In fact I am sure it happens to most people at some point but most feel weird about admitting it I suspect.
This is a really interesting debate and reminds me I was going to post a related thread. But just to join in here. I think there is a big difference between wanting to keep an eye on your kids by checking out who they are talking to etc AND secretively spying on them. I have just started using safensoundmail kids email which means I can check what emails Poppy gets and sends (my little girl aged 9) If I want. Now because she is only 9 I think that I need to check she...
Hi Susanne! I am new too, though I am based in the UK. Its great to be able to talk across the world huh? Your daughter's name is really interesting do you mind telling me how it is pronounced? Is it Verr - elle? Or Vee - rill? Or one syllable? (apologies for appalling phonetic attempts there!)
I am really surprised if you can't sit in with your little one. It seems way too much to expect a 3 year old to be able to handle alone... WHy wouldn't they want you too?
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