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What would you do if you went into labor prematurely? From Laurie's Thoughts on Childbirth Frequently Asked Questions Whenever I formulate a response to this question my mind is flooded with important connections exemplifying the dangers of hospital management of all complications occurring simultaneous with birth. The reasons behind my answer to this question have ramifications which reach much farther than just into this one, imaginary scenario. They indict a whole...
http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/7026/29weeks3.jpg i love our bumps heres me,I am 29 weeks today,pregnant with twins x
oh yeh very simular to first triesterand i could smell everything and that made me feel extra sick
i am 28 weeks,waking with nausea and this morning heitened sense of smell,only what i can smell,smells bad even though normally it doesnt. anyone else...::
oh thats great,i realy loved the sound of it for so many reasons.
I made up my mind to have a lotus birth http://www.pregnancy.com.au/lotus_bi..._our_times.htm anyone else?
we are supporting you ((((hugs))):
i am having mystery babies too
thankyou so much am sure my babies are fine.
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